12 December 2018

The High Bay Warehouse

The High Bay Warehouse is a colloquial name for determining commercial building for a storage of a large number of goodsAt Pharmaceutical Works POLPHARMA S.A., we have a 12-meter-high warehouse with multi-storey high storage racks.

The warehouse was created in 2004. It was the answer to the increased demand for pharmaceutical products. Over time, we have added new shelves and pallets division. Thanks to that, we increased the number of storage spaces. Currently, our warehouse is able to hold 14 500 pallets (for comparison, in 2004 there were only about 8,000 such places).

The API products have a dedicated zone where there is a possibility to store over 1,100 pallets. The whole hall has air-conditioning to maintain the temperature in the range of 15-25C, and the air humidity in the room does not exceed 65%. This is the accepted standard of the storage conditions.

We work on an integrated ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) on both desktop computers and handheld terminals. The system allows for real-time stock analysis. It generates tasks for operators associated with specific sales orders, and also supervises and guarantees the correctness of the goods being completed.

Soon an induction loop will be installed in the corridors. Trolleys working in the induction loop not only allow for better management of the warehouse volume, but above all serve for safe handling of shelvesThe safety can be provided on the level of loading, unloading and picking, which take place at all levels of storage.

To ensure smooth processes at the warehouse, we have a dedicated team of 47 people. These are employees with diverse seniority. Some have been working at Polpharma for over 40 year!

All employees are involved in improving of inventory management in the warehouse. They inspire to create solutions for better distribution of our products.

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