23 August 2019

Wonderful biotin!

Wonderful biotin!

Vitamins are organic chemical compounds that are ingredients of enzymes and co-enzymes necessary for proper course of biochemical reactions. Today, in developed countries one virtually does not observe the problem of total vitamin deficiency, i.e. avitaminosis.

One of the vitamins which is of great importance for proper functioning of the human body, especially the skin and its appendages is vitamin H, also named as biotin, co-enzyme R or vitamin B7. Its name derives from the German word “haut” referring to the skin, which fully reflects the role it plays in the human body.

It belongs to the group of vitamins B and water soluble.

Biotin has an effect on proper functioning of:
•    skin,
•    hair,
•    nails.

Their basic building material is keratin, a protein containing a lot of sulphur, which provides hair with mechanical strength as well as resistance to environmental factors.

Biotin also impacts the proper functioning of thyroid, which also indirectly affects the condition of our skin, hair and nails.

Biotin together with vitamin K takes part in the synthesis of thrombin — one of the agents influencing the blood clotting.

Lilianna Kulczycka-Siennicka MD, PhD


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