We focus on quality

Quality is and has always been the highest priority at Polpharma, both in the case of its own products and B2B products. That is why we have a separate Quality Assurance Team dedicated to servicing Contract Customers. For many years it has not only served, but also effectively supports and helps to make optimal decisions regarding the quality policy for each of the products. We advise already at the transfer stage and consult current changes, our knowledge and many years of experience guarantee the success of your product!

For more datails, please visit our website or contact Ms. Patrycja Szwarc.

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Meet us at CPHI Barcelona on 24-26 October 📆.
Nowa Deba site as the only on in Polpharma group is capable of processing API of OEB4 and OEB5
Let’s meet at the PCI Days in Warsaw, June 21st and 22nd